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STIR® is the resource that explores the connection between color and cutting-edge design. It examines the many facets of color to help you bring a fresh perspective to your work. STIR® is a print magazine, email newsletter and interactive tablet app for design professionals.

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The Ombre Effect

Creating an eye-catching effect on walls, furniture and more by smoothly transitioning a color from a light to a dark shade.
IMG - STIR: Specifying Made Easy: Sherwin-Williams + Autodesk® Revit® thumb

Specifying Made Easy: Sherwin-Williams + Autodesk® Revit®

Autodesk Material Library Files with Sherwin-Williams colors and coatings now make it point-and-click easy for you to specify the correct paint products and colors in your models and renderings.
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Yoga Whites

In Kundalini yoga, wearing white is believed to expand one’s aura. Perhaps that’s why its various tones are so popular for in-home yoga spaces.

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