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STIR® is the resource that explores the connection between color and cutting-edge design. It examines the many facets of color to help you bring a fresh perspective to your work. STIR® is a print magazine and email newsletter for design professionals.

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2016 Color Forecast

2016 Color Forecast

Come explore the Sherwin-Williams 2016 colormix™ color forecast! This year’s hues celebrate indulging in the moment with the best of everything life has to offer.
STIR: Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure

Textile and fashion designer Natalie Chanin’s color palette comes from the ground up in her sustainable clothing line, Alabama Chanin.
IMG - STIR: Unearthing a Mystery thumb

Unearthing a Mystery

Archaeologists explore China’s Terra-Cotta Warriors — and their surprising color story.

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