Now homeowners have the freedom to choose the color they really want for painting their vinyl siding.

Thanks to its strength, durability, versatility and ease of maintenance, vinyl siding is the No. 1 choice of exterior covering for homes across the country. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, twice as many homeowners side their homes with vinyl than with any other material.
However, vinyl siding colors traditionally range from white to sandstone, with maybe a Wedgewood blue thrown in for variety. In the past, if a homeowner wanted to change the color of his or her vinyl siding by painting, color choice was limited to the same range as or lighter than the existing color. Why? Because darker colors absorb more heat, causing the plastic vinyl to warp, buckle and distort.
But thanks to Sherwin-Williams’ new VinylSafe color technology, which ensures that darker colors don’t absorb heat, this is no longer the case. The VinylSafe color palette enables homeowners to choose from more than 100 of the most popular colors in the industry, including darks such as Ground Hog and Green Mountain, and brights named Frilly and Nikko Blue. Plus, they can get custom matches by using the Sherwin-Williams SherColorTM Advanced Computer Color Technology color-matching software. Each vinyl siding color is available in Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint® Exterior and Duration® Home Exterior product lines.
With the new VinylSafe color palette, you can offer your customers both an economical way to achieve fresh curb appeal and a world of color choices.