SW - Art PRO ColorCredibility
Originally published in PPC Magazine.

By Tom Walter, Handyman Tom La Crosse, Wis.

Isn't it satisfying when a home or business owner comments on how well they like the new colors and quality of your work?

For me it is especially gratifying if the color complements the woodwork, furniture and adjacent rooms. While I am willing to help a customer pick colors, I find working with an interior designer generally guarantees a color scheme that makes the project one the customer is pleased with.

When I first talk to a customer about a project and sense they are unsure about the colors they are considering, I suggest contacting Jill Miller, a local interior designer who I have worked with the past couple of years. With Jill involved, customers are more confident they have made the right color choice and that the end product will be something they can be proud of.

Many larger painting contractors likely have someone on staff to assist the customer with color selection. For me, as a business of one, being able to recommend someone who has an ability to understand the vision of the customer is a plus. It adds credibility to my operation.

Cross referrals are an additional benefit of working with an interior designer. We both recommend each other's services. It's a win-win situation.

Since we started referring each other, I have gotten at least six or more projects a year. As a bonus, these jobs tend to be bigger than my average projects and I have gained a couple of nice repeat customers.

The final component in our relationship is the service and support we receive from our Sherwin-Williams store. Their advice with unique situations or explaining new products makes us confident that we can deliver the results our customers expect.