Sherwin-Williams exterior stain can be used for siding and trim, decks and porches, and all other outdoor living spaces. Learn how to apply exterior wood stain with tips from our stain experts.

From cedar siding to redwood deck, wood offers a rich, warm welcome to any home. A good house stain not only beautifies your home's exterior, it preserves and protects exterior wood from nature's harshest elements. But stain is not just for siding and trim. Today, Sherwin-Williams makes a full line of stains for just about every surface. Ask Sherwin-Williams for the best way to add lasting beauty and durable protection to the wood surfaces found on the exterior of your home.

WoodScapes® exterior house stains are specially formulated to maximize performance on surfaces such as siding and trim. Our line of SuperDeck® products helps you enhance the appearance of your deck and add years of enjoyment to the life of your outdoor living spaces.

Use this guide to get great results on your exterior staining and deck care projects. If you have additional questions, the experts at your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store will be happy to assist you. Just ask.

Other Exterior Projects

Siding & Trim
WoodScapes® exterior house stains, available only at your local Sherwin-Williams store, are the best available exterior house stains for do-it-yourself projects. They go on thick and dry fast. And with the help of Sherwin-Williams, your home will look great and your siding protected longer than with lesser-quality stains.

Deck & Porch
New decks, old decks, even outdoor furniture can benefit from Sherwin-Williams family of SuperDeck® products.

Walkway, Patio & Driveway

Think there's nothing you can do to give your driveway, walkway or patio a fresh new look? Think again. With Sherwin-Williams H&C® Concrete Stains, decorating those surfaces can be as much fun as decorating your home's interior.

And remember, if you ever have questions about an exterior stain project, the experts at your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store will be glad to help.

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