SW - Art PRO SmoothQrtzStone
Capture the shimmering beauty of mineral sand beaches with Smooth Quartz Stone. With a refined subtlety, light twinkles off the velvety surface, revealing a crystalline quality that is simply dazzling. This technique would make an eye-catching addition to any master suite or entry hall.

Time Required

For an average room with 400 sq. ft. of wall space, it will take you approximately 4 total hours over 2 days.


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How-To Video

Watch how to do the Smooth Quartz Stone technique

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Smooth Quartz Stone Brochure

Step by step instructions and photography

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Technical Bulletin

Detailed how-to information for this and related techniques.

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Get This Look:

Best Bronze Quartz Stone SWF 230
(other color options available - see store for details & color cards)

Step 1
Quartz Stone Primer
Best Bronze Quartz Stone SWF 230

Step 2A
Quartz Stone
Best Bronze Quartz Stone SWF 230

Step 2B
Back Troweling