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Save Time & Maintenance by Recording Details on Each Painting Job

The Custodian Paint Maintenance Manual is a valuable tool to help you retain important information about your facility’s products and colors for exact matching on maintenance. Keep detailed records of the type of products used in all different areas of a facility.

Custodian includes:

Custodian Paint Maintenance Manual
  • The paint product
  • The exact paint color or sample
  • The product data page or MSDS sheet
  • Care & cleaning tips
  • Touch-up tips

The manual is one easy-to-use, professional document that will make it easier for you to keep you facility looking new and fresh.

At no additional cost to you, Custodian:

  • Simplifies the maintenance painting process

  • Ensures that the facility stays beautiful — with the correct coatings and colors being used for repaints and touchups

  • Includes all relevant information — with Area Summaries (detailing the entire job in a concise format), Area Detail (substrate, paint product name, sheen, number, and color), space for additional comments, and the local servicing store location

  • Features valuable facility maintenance information:
      – Color samples
      – Product data pages
      – Material Safety Data Sheets
      – Care and cleaning instructions
      – Touchup tips

  • Provides a convenient and helpful reference guide for future projects

  • Provides detailed information on the final paint products and colors used on the project

To receive a Custodian Maintenance Manual, call your local rep, or contact us at 1-800-4-SHERWIN.