Originally published in PPC Magazine.
There's money to be made in coating parking garages, if you understand the products and techniques that will make your job profitable and long-lasting.

A good place to start exploring the possibilities is with your Sherwin-Williams store or sales rep. From waterproofing vehicular and pedestrian surfaces to repairing damaged mortar areas to solving a wide range of other issues including cracks, water intrusion, spalling and alkali-silica reactivity, your rep has the application expertise and product knowledge you need to succeed in this speciality market.

Use Sherwin-Williams' vast selection of water-repellants, repair mortars, concrete stains, epoxy injections, and urethane and acrylic systems to get the job done right. Their concrete and masonry systems for parking garages are engineered for maximum durability and protection, no matter how demanding the conditions.

In the following pages, we'll look at a variety of situations and problems you may encounter, along with the products and solutions for each.