Business and homeowner interest in decorative concrete is on the rise. Try these six products to beautify and protect your customers’ driveways, walkways, patios and other concrete surfaces.

H&C Concrete Stain Solid Color Water-Based

A low odor, water-based stain that provides a long-lasting, durable and decorative finish to interior or exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. This coating is highly resistant to pool chemicals.

H&C Concrete Sealer Clear Gloss Oil-Based

A solvent-based sealer formulated with a silicone acrylic resin that works as an excellent topcoat to H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-Based, to add durability and a high gloss finish.

H&C Shield-Crete Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

A durable two-part epoxy kit that requires minimal surface prep while providing excellent resistance to hot-tire pick up.

H&C Shield-Crete Acrylic Clear Glaze

A low VOC, clear waterborne acrylic sealer designed to lock in the flakes of Shield-Crete Epoxy Concrete Garage Floor Coating. One can covers a 2½ car garage, or 400 square feet.

H&C Concrete Sealer Wet Look Water-Based

A premium quality 100% clear acrylic sealer that enhances and protects previously coated, bare concrete, and other masonry surfaces. This single component, VOC compliant sealer can be used on both interior and exterior applications.

H&C Concrete Masonry Waterproofing Sealer

An economical yet durable, clear, water-based acrylic sealer that protects against the damaging effects of rain, snow and ice (not recommended for vehicular traffic).

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