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Originally published in STIR®

Sherwin-Williams Faux Impressions® makes it easy to create stunning and sophisticated effects for your clients.

Give the rooms in your client's home or commercial space a fashionable facelift with new faux-finishes from Sherwin-Williams. Twelve techniques are supported by all the products, tools, applicators, instructional materials and color samples you need at your nearest Sherwin-Williams store. You simply choose the type of texture and color combinations for just the right look and feel.

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Sensational to subdued

Every room has a personality. You can enhance that personality – or completely switch it up – by applying one of these specialty faux finishes from Sherwin-Williams:

  • Artisan Impressions. Any room will come alive with this unique, handcrafted finish. Use a crackling solution and glaze to adhere tissue paper or decorative leaves to the wall for a sophisticated look, or simply apply the solution with a sponge and glazing mitt to evoke the appearance of aged metal.
  • Metallic Impressions. The three metallic faux techniques – smooth, brushed or textured – radiate a reflective finish for the right amount of glamour and glitz.
  • Old World Impressions. Charm your clients with the resurrected art of wall plastering and texturing. The sculpted fresco finish adds depth and dimension to any room, while smooth fresco has a softer, earthier texture. The high-polish fresco provides an elegant, marbled look.
  • Quartz Stone Impressions. Simulating the appearance of smooth, brushed or striated quartz stones, the combination of texture, layers and glimmer will transform any room into one of exquisite beauty.

Textured art

In an average of four to seven hours over a one- to three-day period, you can turn ordinary walls into extraordinary displays of art. The sample paint combinations from Sherwin-Williams include colors that blend together for an elegant look, or make a fashion statement with complementary colors.

Fine finish

For step-by-step guidance, watch the instructional video. To try out the new faux finishes and discover the difference for yourself, stop by your nearest Sherwin-Williams store.