• Burnishing (Shiny Area)

    Burnishing (Shiny Area)

    Unwanted increase in gloss or sheen of the paint film as a result of rubbing, scrubbing, or having an object brush up against it.

  • Fading


    Premature and/or excessive lightening of the paint color.

  • Uneven Gloss (Flashing)

    Uneven Gloss (Flashing)

    Uneven appearance of a coating's gloss, sheen or luster due to deterioration of the paint film.

  • Lapping


    Appearance of a darker/denser color or higher sheen where two layers overlap during paint application.

  • Picture Framing / Hatbanding

    Picture Framing / Hatbanding

    A non-uniform appearance of color, usually corners or edges that may be darker.

  • Obvious Repair (Touch-Up)

    Obvious Repair (Touch-Up)

    A repaired or repainted area that is noticeably different than the surrounding space.

  • Yellowing


    Development of a yellow cast in aging paint, most noticeable in the dried films of white paints or clear varnishes.

  • Washability


    Painted surfaces that are not easily cleaned of contaminants.

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