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Maintenance Painting Made Easy. Building Owners Made Happy.

The Custodian Paint Maintenance Manual adds value to every project! As a customized maintenance guide, Custodian pulls together all the relevant information:

Custodian Paint Maintenance Manual
  • The paint product
  • The exact paint color or sample
  • The product data page or MSDS sheet
  • Care & cleaning tips
  • Touch-up tips

The manual is one easy-to-use, professional document that is provided to your client at project completion.

At no additional cost to you, Custodian:

  • Simplifies the maintenance painting process for your clients

  • Ensures that the facility stays beautiful — with the correct coatings and colors being used for repaints and touchups

  • Includes all relevant information — with Area Summaries (detailing the entire job in a concise format), Area Detail (substrate, paint product name, sheen, number, and color), space for additional comments, and the local servicing store location

  • Features valuable facility maintenance information:
      – Color samples
      – Product data pages
      – Material Safety Data Sheets
      – Care and cleaning instructions
      – Touchup tips

  • Provides a convenient and helpful reference guide for future projects

  • Exceeds your clients’ expectations — by providing detailed information on the final paint products and colors used on the project

Implement Custodian in Your Next Project!

It’s easy — just add a “Coating Maintenance Manual” to the project requirements on your next specification.

Contact your local Architectural Account Executive here.

Or call 1-800-321-8194 to request a Custodian Paint Maintenance manual.