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Technology innovations expand painting options — so you can schedule and choose colors with confidence.

Dew is no longer a “don't” when it comes to exterior painting. And even if there's rain in the weather forecast, painting jobs don't have to be postponed when you rely on Resilience®, Sherwin-Williams' new exterior paint formulated with its exclusive MoistureGuard™ technology.

With Resilience, newly painted exteriors develop resistance to moisture twice as quickly, in just two hours, rather than the four-hour minimum most exterior latex paints require.

“It's a technology breakthrough that allows you to schedule painters with assurance, no matter what the forecast,” says Steve Revnew, director of marketing, product development, for Sherwin-Williams' Architectural Coatings. “And no matter what the climate, Resilience is a great-quality choice with excellent hide and durability unmatched by the competition. And, painters will appreciate its easy application.”

Resilience also has a low (50 grams per liter) VOC, so it meets the most stringent of environmental requirements.

When the ultimate in durability is the most important factor in an exterior painting project, professionals can rely on Sherwin-Williams Duration® Exterior Coating formulated with PermaLast®, a state-of-the-art acrylic co-polymer technology. This technology maximizes “film build” – the thickness of the paint layer applied – which is 70 percent higher with Duration compared with other top-line exterior paints. Higher film build ensures a more durable, flexible layer of protection that won't peel or blister. And only Duration promises one-coat coverage on repaints, a significant benefit for tight schedules.

The Sherwin-Williams exterior lineup also includes SuperPaint Exterior Latex, which has been enhanced for improved application and hiding, and lower VOCs. Duration, Resilience and SuperPaint all contain the exclusive VinylSafe™ color technology, which allows you to use darker hues on vinyl siding and cellular PVC substrates. In the past, homeowners were limited to the same or a lighter color paint, because dark colors would absorb heat and damage the plastic vinyl. With VinylSafe technology, darker hues resist heat, opening up a rainbow of color choices.

Sherwin-Williams' A-100® exterior formula has also been enhanced for better hiding, application and lower VOCs. And both SuperPaint and A-100 exterior paints offer Advanced Resin Technology, which delivers superior adhesion and color retention, resisting frost in cold conditions as well as mildew, fading, peeling and blistering in hot and humid conditions. Plus, all of the Sherwin-Williams exterior products (except for a high-gloss sheen) can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps to extend the exterior painting season.

If you have questions about which coating might be best for your particular application, please consult with your Sherwin-Williams representative or a local store.

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