SW - Loxon XP product - thb

Clients get outstanding performance. You get done faster.

Wind-driven rain, alkali and efflorescence don’t stand a chance against this industry-leading concrete and masonry coating. It’s a proven winner for performance as well as ease of use.

You can meet the most stringent VOC regulations and your jobs go faster because you can use one less coat and still get maximum, long-lasting results. There’s no need to use a primer — just go direct to either bare concrete or masonry with a pH as high as 13. You can apply Loxon XP® Masonry Coating to fresh concrete and masonry less than 28 days old.

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Eliminate frequent repaints. Loxon XP has exceptional flexibility, durability and fade resistance.

Use everywhere. On all types of concrete and masonry surfaces, including tilt-up, precast, poured-in-place, CMU, cement block and stucco.

Discover color innovation. Sherwin-Williams ColorCast Ecotoner® colorants deliver color accuracy, vibrancy and a thicker consistency without adding to the VOC content of any coating when tinted.

SW - Loxon product - thb

Assure great adhesion and fast cure

Sherwin-Williams Loxon® Conditioner is now available in clear or white. The pigmented version makes it obvious where the product has been applied on bare masonry.

Use it as a sealer for new construction or where the existing topcoat has deteriorated over time. Loxon Conditioner meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Move it to the top of your spec list and know you’ll get these premium performance benefits:

  • Exceptional resistance to alkali.
  • Excellent efflorescence resistance.
  • Impressive adhesion.
  • Bonds light chalk and dusting concrete.
  • Fast seven-day cure on new concrete, stucco and other vertical masonry surfaces.
  • Temperature tolerance as low as 40° F.
SW - H&C Lithium Protective Finish - thb

Easy application, easy cleanup

After spending hours applying color and densifying a polished concrete floor project, you want to finish with a sealer you can trust. H&C® Lithium Protective Finish resists peeling, flaking and fading. Application is easy. And cleanup is worry-free, thanks to its water-based chemistry — which also makes it VOC-compliant.

Use it on any interior polished concrete application, including warehouses, retail outlets, showrooms, airports and distribution centers. Your customers will be impressed with the high-gloss reflectivity. And they’ll appreciate it even more down the road when they experience improved stain resistance and simpler maintenance.

SW - Concrete vibrant floor stain - thb

Vibrant color in less time

For all those interior jobs when disruption and downtime are top concerns — from public walkways to restaurant floors — an acetone dye stain is the color choice that can make you a hero.

H&C® Acetone Dye Stain dries to the touch in just 20 to 40 minutes. That’s far faster than acid stains that require a minimum of four hours to react, as well as labor-intensive neutralization.

Even with its aggressive drying time, H&C Acetone Dye Stain produces vibrant faux or single-look colors. Choose from our collection of 16 ready-to-use stains. All of them allow you to work with the straight color or mix freely to achieve nearly any custom shade you’d like.

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