When Mike Lindor was first approached about a concrete restoration project at a multifamily condominium site in Richland, Wash., the reported diagnosis was not good. Water intrusion damage had occurred on a series of elevated walkways within the complex, and a first attempt at repair yielded poor results.

“When we first got involved, the decision was to either remove the concrete and start over or find a more cost-effective way to improve its appearance,” says Lindor, a project manager with Seattle concrete repair contractor Tatley-Grund, Inc. “After experimenting with various products, we chose H&C Broom Finish Repair because we thought it was a product that could improve the aesthetic look of the walkways for a reasonable price.”

Concrete Problem-Solvers From H&C

For pitted, surface-cracked or salt-damaged concrete surfaces, H&C® Broom Finish Repair is your go-to option to create a clean, consistent look. The nonslip formula has excellent bond and freeze/thaw resistance. Broom Finish Repair can be used with any H&C® Color Pack to provide a customized finishing touch. Or topcoat it with H&C® Concrete Sealer Solid Color to achieve a wide variety of uniform color options.

H&C Broom Finish Repair is an ideal choice for minor surface repairs on:

  • Driveways
  • Parking decks
  • Pool decks
  • Patios
  • Elevated walkways
  • Sidewalks

In areas with more substantial damage, such as large cracks, chips or spalling, use H&C® Quick Patch & Repair. It’s the perfect repair choice for above- or below-grade concrete, providing a bond that can withstand pressure of more than 6,400 pounds per square inch. That’s stronger than most surrounding concrete. H&C Quick Patch & Repair is easy to apply, sets up fast and can be topcoated with Broom Finish Repair for a durable, great-looking restoration job.

Application Tip: H&C Broom Finish Repair

Jeff Eiswerth, concrete coatings specialist with H&C Decorative Concrete Products, says temperature and humidity changes will affect the amount of water needed to keep Broom Finish Repair at an even consistency. For that reason, he suggests you add H&C Color Pack to the finish coat, which will ensure an even appearance on the final product.

Application Tip: H&C Quick Patch & Repair

When doing a repair more than a half-inch deep, Eiswerth recommends inserting a tapcon screw into the hole and screwing it down about halfway, leaving about a quarter-inch exposed. This will serve as “mini-rebar” for the Quick Patch & Repair, helping better anchor the finished fix.

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The job presented a number of challenges. For example, many of the expansion-joint areas had heavier damage that required a more aggressive repair solution. The walkways were elevated, making them much more susceptible to the effects of changing environmental conditions such as wind, rain and humidity. And the long, narrow surfaces totaled about 2,600 square feet, demanding tight management of the product application to maintain consistency.

The first step was to address the damaged expansion joints. Lindor says his crews had to cut out the more heavily damaged spots before applying H&C Quick Patch & Repair to restore clean, sharp edges to the walkway areas. Because the Quick Patch product cures quickly — usually in 30 minutes or less — this initial surface repair did not delay overall restoration work.

With larger repairs completed, Lindor assigned two-person crews to each walkway to handle surface restoration. One contractor focused on mixing the H&C Broom Finish Repair to a steady consistency and wetted the damaged concrete, while the other troweled out the slurry and broomed it to an attractive finish. In tight spots around metal handrail mounts, where a long brushstroke wasn’t possible, contractors used smaller hand brushes to finish out the base coating. When the finish coat was applied, the crews mixed in an H&C® Color Pack to make sure all walkways would have a uniform appearance. 

Jeff Eiswerth, a concrete coatings specialist with H&C Decorative Concrete Products, says this project is a great example of how the Broom Finish Repair and Quick Patch & Repair products can be combined for great results.

“A key to determine if our Broom Finish Repair product can be successfully applied is if the target surface has minor pitting or hairline cracks,” says Eiswerth. “It’s not designed for significant cracks that go all the way through a concrete surface, causing heaving or spalling. If those structural problems exist, use H&C Quick Patch & Repair and then finish the job with the Broom Finish coating.”

Lindor says his first experience with these H&C products was so positive that he now looks for opportunities to use them in other jobs. The renovated walkway project left the client highly satisfied and helped Lindor overcome some initial reservations.

When concrete repair or renovation is a concern, it’s time to check out the full line of H&C protective and restorative products available at your local Sherwin-Williams store. Find the most convenient location with our store locator.