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Interior Finishes


Duration Home® Interior Acrylic Latex

Features exclusive cross-linking technology for true washability and allows most stains to wipe away easily with water. Offers excellent hide and touch-up and contains anti-microbial agents to resist mildew formation on the paint film. Available in all colors including bold, vivid accents.


Harmony® Zero VOC Interior Acrylic Latex

Contains odor eliminating technology to reduce common indoor odors and help rooms stay fresher longer. Delivers very good hide and withstands frequent washings. Anti-microbial agents resist mildew formation on the paint surface. Formaldehyde reducing technology in the flat and eg-shel helps promote better indoor air quality by reducing VOCs from possible sources like insulation, carpet, cabinets and fabrics. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.*


ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex

The first complete professional line that not only has zero VOCs, but is also available in four sheens and all colors including accents. Delivers excellent durability, hide and touch-up. Meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.*


ProClassic® Enamels

Exceptional adhesion, excellent flow and leveling, non-yellowing and a unique wet and dry hide makes ProClassic an excellent choice for doors and trim, cabinets and furniture. ProClassic Enamels feature all the benefits of waterbased enamels without sacrificing adhesion, durability and block resistance.


WoodClassics® Interior Wood Finishing System

A complete system of quality stains, sealers and varnishes providing an ultimate rich appearance in a wide color range. Fast dry, but with sufficient open time, means the job can get done in a day with these superior, versatile finishes.


TuffWall Premium Texture Finish

Easily applied with airless and conventional texture spray equipment, delivering an appealing knockdown, splatter or orange peel texture. Practical, durable, and attractive, TuffWall stays where it’s sprayed to hide imperfections, saving you time and money and providing long-lasting beauty.

High Performance Finishes


Pro Industrial® Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy

High-performance coating that is extremely hard and tough with exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, corrosion, chemicals, stains, scrubbing, and blocking. Flows and levels to a smooth finish and meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.*


Pro Industrial® Acrylic Coating

Easy-to-apply coating for commercial spaces. This high performance acrylic is for interior or exterior use. It has exceptional stain and corrosion resistance, is fast drying, flows and levels to a smooth finish and it meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.*


Pro Industrial® Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy

Advanced toughness and durability in a single-component coating. It is resistant to most commercial cleaners and has excellent stain blocking properties. Flows and levels to a smooth finish with effortless application and meets the most stringent VOC regulations.


Pro Industrial® High Performance Epoxy

An extremely hard and tough coating with unsurpassed durability and chemical resistance. Apply direct-to-metal for excellent corrosion resistance. A high solids, high build coating, it has excellent scrubbability and resists stains and blocking.


Pro Industrial® Urethane Alkyd Enamel

A general-purpose maintenance enamel fortified with urethane resin for durability and flexibility. It provides good exterior color and gloss retention and flows and levels to a smooth finish. It has excellent stain resistance and stain blocking properties.

Exterior Finishes


Duration® Exterior Acrylic Coating

Formulated with PermaLast technology which results in a thick, flexible layer for excellent hide and protection from peeling and blistering. Duration provides a mildew resistant coating. It is self-priming and requires just one coat for repaints and two coats for new work.


Resilience® Acrylic Exterior Latex

Provides outstanding hide and durability plus ease of application. With Resilience, the threat of rain or dew will not slow down or delay the job because it is specially formulated with MoistureGuard technology, which resists moisture twice as fast as standard exterior latex coatings.


Loxon XP® Masonry Coating

This direct-to-concrete and masonry high build coating offers maximum performance in one less coat, with no need for priming. Using proprietary technology, Loxon XP goes on thicker to provide exceptional resistance to alkali, efflorescence and wind-driven rain. Meets the most stringent VOC regulations.


SherCrete® Flexible Concrete Waterproofer

A slip-resistant, breathable finish designed to protect from water intrusion. This single-component waterbased formula has fast dry times, outstanding durability and can be tinted to hundreds of colors. Use as a stand-alone product or over-coated to provide maximum performance.

Floor Coatings


Armorseal® Floor Coatings

A broad range of epoxies, urethanes, primers and patches for light to heavy traffic areas combining both aesthetic appeal and high performance.


General Polymers® FasTop Flooring System

Designed for fast installation, quick return to service and long-lasting performance. Cures rapidly with excellent chemical resistance and is moisture-tolerant during and after installation. Combines waterbased urethane resins with cement and unique aggregates for tough environments.