Originally published in PPC Magazine.

Texas Farm Bureau

WACO, TEXAS – Advocating for some 400,000 member families, the Texas Farm Bureau is the state's largest agricultural association. Grant Goss Contracting won the coatings bid for the bureau's new new state-of-the-art $12 million 73,000 square foot Conference Center.

The job required a wide array of Sherwin-Williams products, starting with one-component ProSelect Stampede Polyurethane Sealant. "With Stampede, we were able to caulk the whole bottom of the exterior building where the flashing meets the concrete with a bead from 1/8 inch to two inches in width," says William Lane, superintendent on the job. "This product had excellent workability, and it set up quickly so that it resists dirt pick up."

ProMar 400 Interior Latex Eg-shel provided excellent touch-up and coverage on interior walls, and Lane also liked the way that the Sher-Cryl HPA performed on the exterior doors and hand railings. "Being waterbased, it was easy to use, and hardens like an oil-based paint," he says.

Sher-Wood BAC Wiping Stain was used on all the interior woodwork. "We were able to reach a deep color with one coat of the stain," Lane says. In all, a total of 2,000 gallons of paint, stain and faux finish glazes were used on the job, a team effort led by Lane, lead men Paul Rose and Raymond Saliz and project manager/company co-owner Cameron Goss.