VOLUME 2 2011 / 11.10

Welcome to The Color Story. We hope you enjoy this literary and visual experience, complements of the Sherwin-Williams Color Marketing & Design Services Department. This second edition will explore the current conditions and interests that drive this market. We will examine and define color trends that are influencing the entire Corporate Market Segment for 2011.

Corporate Cafeterias become Home Away from Home

Competition in today’s global economy, means keeping employees happy. Recruiting young employees and retaining the most talented, is paramount in the corporate environment. Creating an atmosphere with home-like qualities provide an intangible benefit, making employees feel “part of the family”.

The days of “ho-hum” designed cafeterias, serving unappetizing and unhealthy food are giving way to upscale, sophisticated settings, offering a variety of both fresh fruits and vegetable options, ethnic inspired cuisine, smoothies, and coffee bars. Daily news blasts can be viewed on multiple high definition plasma screens as wireless laptops and iPads.

Important components to consider in designing these multi-use spaces:

  • Create a relaxed atmosphere for groups and individuals either dining or enjoying a beverage
  • Establish an alternative space allowing co-workers to gather for brainstorming

Popular trends involve pulling together the right amount of ingredients, like color, natural light, and unexpected design elements, which help to create a spa or zen retreat feel.

Color is crucial. Color schemes featuring bold saturated hues of red, orange, blue and green for walls or in seating create an energized and modern feel. The addition of a bright white will illuminate the space and optimize the overall appearance. Windows are another way to bring in as much natural light as possible. Glass partitions off privacy yet allows the space to seem open. With well-thought out design and new technology, today’s cafe’s become a place to recharge and spark creativity.

Additional design considerations found in today’s on-site cafe’s include:

  1. Various height eating areas, (counter bar eating and mini booths for two).
  2. Wildly patterned carpet formed into organic shapes and mixed with hard surfaced wood floors to give distinction between areas of the cafeteria.
  3. Gas fireplaces placed among soft seating areas for a cozy, more home-like feel.

Several furniture companies teamed up with different innovative businesses to develop technological advances in corporate work stations. Whether you have a laptop, mobile phone, or iPod, the charging mechanism is virtually the same. There are so many wires that charging these devices becomes cumbersome So, innovative teams have created a device to streamline charging needs into one component, eliminating all those nasty wires. that take over the desk. By streamlining the charging mechanism and incorporating it right into the work surface, you can charge your cell phone or MP3 player by setting them on a grommet or a charging hotspot, located right on your desk. This charging hotspot will charge the device wire-free. Finally, an opportunity to rid ourselves of all those numerous chargers through wireless access.

What's Your Pattern

Corporate offices are placing emphasis on creating high, visual impact in prominent public spaces such as lobbies, auditoriums, meeting rooms and cafeterias. Inspired by the hospitality industry, corporations wish to offer personalized and memorable spaces for their visitors and employees. Finish and furnishing manufacturers are offering pattern, texture and color in textiles, carpeting and lighting. Specialty paint finishes are no exception. The Sherwin-Williams Faux Expressions collection of Metallic, Quartz Stone, Old World and Artisan offers sophistication and distinctive looks by creating depth and dimension with pattern and color. Prefer focal interest without pattern? Apply a high gloss accent color to create a fashionably forward, high, reflective surface.

Green with Envy

An increasing trend among corporations is specifying sustainable products; Zero-VOC paints, installation of solar panels, recycled carpets, green solution textiles, and furniture free of off-gasing. Creative uses of incorporating recycled glass into terrazzo flooring offer eco-friendly alternatives.

General Polymers Corporation is the industry leader when it comes to creating decorative terrazzo product lines. With limitless possibilities in color, companies can customize any design, pattern or logo, which adds to its beauty. It is extremely durable and often compared to granite. Terrazzo is slip resistant and fire proof, making it an excellent choice for cafeterias, schools, hospitals, bathrooms, swimming areas, and high traffic areas. It can be applied over existing floors and requires minimal maintenance.

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