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Originally published in PPC Magazine.

A 6-point guide to choosing the right coating for your next concrete and masonry project

Sherwin-Williams offers a complete line of coatings for concrete and masonry substrates. There’s a product to match every job and budget you might encounter.

1. Waterproofing protection in one less coat from Loxon® XP Masonry Coating

When the most extreme conditions demand the exceptional protection for tilt-up, precast, or pour-in-place concrete, plus CMU, cement block and stucco, Loxon® XP Masonry Coating takes top honors for exceptional waterproofing, flexibility, durability and outstanding resistance to alkali and efflorescence. No primer is needed and the high build formula covers in one less coat than typical masonry topcoats.

2. Durability and weather resistance with Loxon® Masonry Topcoat

Loxon® Masonry Topcoat is a proven performer providing a super durable, weather resistant finish coat for concrete, concrete block, brick and stucco.

3. Elastomeric benefits from ConFlex XL

ConFlex XL High Build Coating’s elastomeric formula delivers excellent flexibility, along with durability and resistance to wind-driven rain. Available in Smooth and Textured finishes, ConFlex XL gives customers the option of a sleek, easy-to-clean finish, or a textured look to hide minor imperfections.

4. All-around protection with SherLastic

For all-around great protection for concrete and masonry surfaces, you can’t beat new SherLastic 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating. It stands up to wind-driven rain, resists alkali and efflorescence, bridges hairline cracks, and can be tinted to hundreds of beautiful colors that meet the most stringent VOC regulations – all at an economical price. Good for commercial, new residential and multi-family projects.

5. Waterproof sealers and specialty coatings

Sherwin-Williams’ extensive line of concrete and masonry coatings also includes waterproof sealers like Loxon® 40% Silane and Loxon® 7% Siloxane, plus dependable products like UltraCrete solvent borne and acrylic textured masonry coatings, SherCrete® Flexible Concrete Waterproofer for horizontal surfaces, Loxon® Vertical Concrete Stain and Loxon® Block Surfacer.

And new to the Loxon® XP line is Loxon® XP IR Reflective Coating with solar reflective technology that reflects UV rays back into the atomosphere. It helps to reduce the exterior surface temperature of buildings exposed to constant sunlight and cools interiors to help reduce energy use.

6. Primers and conditioners

If you need to prepare the surface before topcoating, you have options as well. Loxon® Conditioner is a 100% acrylic emulsion conditioner that penetrates and seals new or previously painted interior and exterior surfaces to offer excellent topcoat adhesion.

Loxon® Concrete & Masonry Primer is specifically engineered for interior and exterior, above-grade, masonry surfaces requiring high performance protection. It primes and seals concrete for a uniform look and long-lasting finish.

Answers to your concrete questions

Got a question on an upcoming concrete coatings job that isn’t answered here? No worries. Just contact your Sherwin-Williams rep or visit your local store to get expert individualized product and application advice for your specific project challenges.