New “Kids’ Colors” Collection and Decorating Techniques Help Families Personalize Children’s Rooms For Any Age

Sherwin-Williams Launches Kids’ Colors with Easy Design Guides for Creating Colorful, Personalized Bedrooms as Kids Grow Up

CLEVELAND (September 11, 2011) – As infants grow up to become teenagers, their personalities and interests change along with them — yet their bedroom design often stays the same. Now, Sherwin-Williams makes it easy for anyone to create colorful, personalized kids’ rooms with the introduction of two new design resources. The new Kids’ Colors collection offers four color-coordinated paint palettes that come with step-by-step instructions for creating delightful, age-appropriate designs with the flexibility to adapt, as the child grows older. The fifth palette in the series is the result of collaboration with Fisher-Price, Inc. to make nursery design inspiring and fun. It pairs Sherwin-Williams paint colors with Fisher-Price® Baby Gear collections to help expectant parents visualize and create the ultimate design — color-coordinated nurseries.

“Many parents want professional-looking bedroom designs that fit their child’s changing ages, but they either can’t afford a designer or don’t know how to implement design themes themselves. Our new Kids’ Colors collection provides all the design inspiration and advice they need in an easy-to-use format,” said Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams.

The Kids’ Colors collection includes paint hues and design techniques celebrating key stages of a child’s growth from infancy to teen-age years, allowing families to personalize a bedroom or playroom to reflect their child’s age and personality. The color palettes are paired with technique guides for creating fun effects with paint, such as stripes, polka dots and checkerboards, enabling homeowners to confidently add visual interest to the room using simple tools such as such as painters’ tape, mini-rollers and tape measures.

The 120 colors selected by Sherwin-Williams color experts for the Kids’ Colors collection are categorized in four age groups: Precious Baby and Fisher-Price-inspired Making Room for Baby, ABCs & 123s, InbeTweens and Teens. Each palette includes 24 coordinating colors paired by six themes, along with design guidance to help homeowners create inspiring, personalized bedrooms for their children.

Precious Baby

The Precious Baby collection offers colors that evoke parents’ wishes and dreams and hopes and promises for their new little one. Its mix of soft blues, delicate creams and soft browns can be used to create a dreamy space for a little stargazer or a room that’s as graceful and free as the flight of a sparrow. Also included are colors to inspire a baby’s wonder and imagination, from spirited reds to grassy greens and whimsical bamboos. The Precious Baby collection includes six precious palettes – Wish, Dream, Wonder, Imagine, Adore and Enchant.

Making Room for Baby

In addition to the Precious Baby collection, parents-to-be can also find suggested paint colors to coordinate with their favorite Fisher-Price Baby Gear. It’s now easier to match paint colors and nursery fashions for a cohesive design about which parents can feel confident. The in-store collection features six of the most popular Baby Gear collections. Whether it’s the calm, comforting hues of My Little Snugabunny™ Collection, the trendy, subtle hues of the Coco Sorbet™ Collection, or the tastefully colorful Luv U Zoo™ Collection, the paint colors hand-selected by Sherwin-Williams color experts will add the perfect touch to tie the nursery together.

ABCs & 123s

Behind every door is an exciting new discovery for a toddler or young child. The ABCs & 123s collection sets the stage for delightful surprises with a mix of bright lime greens, fresh yellows and eye-popping reds, along with playful sweetheart shades, soft pastels and rainbow colors. Homeowners can use them to create eye-catching, pop-art appeal or rev up the fun in a room that zooms with all the energy of a racetrack. The ABCs & 123s collection includes six energetic palettes – Discovery, Hideaway, Whimsy, Tea Time, Zoom and Frolic.


As preteens’ personalities evolve, the InbeTweens collection offers inspiring colors to reflect their new interests. For the junior varsity star dreaming of the big game, earthy red, white and blue accents; for the honor-roll scholar, deep blues and subtle browns to create a study nook; and for the individualist, vibrant purples, pinks and oranges to make a personal color statement. The InbeTweens collection includes six expressive palettes – Jr. Varsity, Honor Roll, Kismet, Charisma, No Limits and Razzmatazz.


For kids who’ve progressed beyond the sweet pastels or primary colors of earlier years, the Teens palette offers a combination of free-spirited hues. A variety of color combinations can be used to create anything from a private refuge where teens can relax and recharge to a glammed-up space with glossy colors and cheery accents that project an energetic vibe. The Teens collection includes six unique palettes – Free-spirited, Charmed, Rad, Chill, Organic and Glam.

>Low-Odor, Durable Paint

Once the perfect palette is chosen for a child’s room, the next step is choosing a high-quality paint that will last for years to come. Harmony® Interior Latex and HGTV® HOME by Sherwin-Williams, two of the company’s zero-VOC* paint lines, are ideal for areas of the home such as nurseries where indoor air quality is especially important. In addition, all colors are available in Duration Home®, a tough, low-VOC coating that can withstand repeated cleanings, which makes it perfect for wiping away adorable, little fingerprints and is durable in high-traffic areas such as kids’ rooms.

For more information on Sherwin-Williams Kids’ Colors collection, visit your local Sherwin-Williams store to pick up the “Making Room for Baby” inspirational brochure. For more information on Fisher-Price Baby Gear, visit

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Carmichael Lynch Spong