Innovative Colorant System

Up until now, conventional colorants used for tinting paints to their desired hues would often add VOCs to the finished product. So even paints that were formulated to be zero VOC, didn’t always maintain that level when it came time for application.


New ColorCast Ecotoner® from Sherwin-Williams have just changed this dynamic. This revolutionary system won’t add to the VOC content of any paint when tinted. This industry-leading technology is in all Sherwin-Williams stores which means the entire line of Sherwin-Williams water-based paints and colors are tinted with colorants.


ColorCast Ecotoner® deliver beautiful color without compromise

Won’t add to the VOC content of any coating when tinted

  • Maintain a paint’s viscosity after tinting
  • Available for any hue in our color palette, as well as custom color matches
  • Only Sherwin-Williams has color formulas calibrated specifically for every product and every sheen to provide outstanding color accuracy and vibrancy
  • Used to tint all Sherwin-Williams latex and water-based coatings



Colorant Packaging

Ecotoner® PET plastic bottles are made entirely of recycled plastic. Sherwin-Williams received the EPA Presidential Green Challenge Award for using recycled PET bottles to develop a new resin technology for coatings. This innovative technology eliminates millions of pounds of VOC emissions while supporting the recycling of multi-million pounds of PET every year.