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Interior Finishes


Emerald® Interior Acrylic Latex

A breakthrough product that showcases our commitment to innovation and quality. Our finest interior paint, Emerald delivers truly remarkable hide, washability and application. Emerald also features excellent stain, block, water spotting and burnish resistance for premium performance and luxurious, long-lasting beauty. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.*


Duration Home® Interior Acrylic Latex

Features exclusive cross-linking technology for true washability and allows most stains to wipe away easily with water. Offers excellent hide and touch-up and contains anti-microbial agents to resist mildew formation on the paint film. Available in all colors including bold, vivid accents.


Cashmere® Interior Acrylic Latex

Many paints typically leave brush or roller marks creating an uneven, stippled appearance. But Cashmere Premium Interior Latex glides on buttery smooth and levels out giving walls an elegant, silky rich look. The result is a difference you can definitely see and feel.


Eminence® Ceiling Paint

Delivers one-coat coverage, timesaving self-priming performance and a bright white finish. A true flat paint, it quickly masks minor surface imperfections and achieves outstanding uniformity. The look is top of the line fresh, crisp, with high light reflectance.



From warm, rich wood stains to protective, clear finishes, Minwax offers a complete line of quality, easy-to-use wood finishing products.


ProClassic® Enamels

Exceptional adhesion, excellent flow and leveling, non-yellowing and a unique wet and dry hide makes ProClassic an excellent choice for doors and trim, cabinets and furniture. ProClassic Enamels feature all the benefits of waterbased enamels without sacrificing adhesion, durability and block resistance.

High Performance Coatings


Pro Industrial® Acrylic Coating

Easy-to-apply coating for commercial spaces. This high performance acrylic is for interior or exterior use. It has exceptional stain and corrosion resistance, is fast drying, flows and levels to a smooth finish and it meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification.*


Pro Industrial® Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy

Advanced toughness and durability in a single-component coating. It is resistant to most cleaners and has excellent stain blocking properties. Flows and levels to a smooth finish with effortless application and meets the most stringent VOC regulations.


Pro Industrial® Urethane Alkyd Enamel

A general-purpose enamel fortified with urethane resin for durability and flexibility. It provides good exterior color and gloss retention and flows and levels to a smooth finish. It has excellent stain resistance and stain blocking properties.

Exterior Finishes


Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex

The latest breakthrough in paint technology from Sherwin-Williams, offering premium performance that stands the test of time. Featuring rugged resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking, fading and dirt pickup, Emerald is self-priming and can be applied in temperatures down to 35°F. Emerald delivers innovative durability, hide and beauty for a truly outstanding finish.


Duration® Exterior Acrylic Coating

Formulated with PermaLast technology which results in a thick, flexible layer for excellent hide and protection from peeling and blistering. Duration provides a mildew resistant coating. It is self-priming and requires just one coat for repaints and two coats for new work.


Resilience® Acrylic Exterior Latex

Provides outstanding hide and durability plus ease of application. With Resilience, the threat of rain or dew will not slow down or delay the job because it is specially formulated with MoistureGuard technology, which resists moisture twice as fast as standard exterior latex coatings.


WoodScapes® Exterior Stains

The thick formula ensures a uniform finish with no lap marks, great coverage and fast application. Self-priming with easy water cleanup, the Acrylic Solid Color carries an 8-year warranty and the Polyurethane Semi-Transparent carries a 5-year warranty.


SuperDeck® Deck Finishing System

Our most complete premium line for finishing wood and composite decks. From surface prep to cleaner, clears to semi-transparent and solid color stains, oil-based to waterborne - the job can often get done in one day with long-lasting results.


Loxon® Exterior Concrete and Masonry Solutions

From conditioner to surfacer to primer and topcoats, Loxon coatings are formulated to withstand extreme sun, rain, heat, humidity and salt air. Loxon coatings bridge hairline cracks, and resist high pH, alkalinity, efflorescence, chalking, fading and mildew for beautiful color and sheen that lasts. In addition, Loxon clear waterproofers and sealers protect concrete and masonry from water penetration.


SherCrete® Flexible Concrete Waterproofer

A slip-resistant, breathable finish designed to protect from water intrusion. This single component waterbased formula has fast dry times, outstanding durability and can be tinted to hundreds of colors. Use as a stand-alone product or topcoat with a clear sealer to provide maximum performance.

Floor Coatings


H&C ShieldCrete® Floor Coatings

This 2-part epoxy system is a good choice for concrete garage floors. The unique formulation requires minimal surface prep while providing excellent resistance against gasoline, brake fluid, battery acid and standing water. Industrial-grade but DIY-friendly with a gloss finish.