Originally published in STIR®

The Project:

New 22-story luxury oceanfront condominium hotel built by Turnberry, Ltd. at the famed Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, just across the bay from Nassau, Bahamas.

The Challenge:

“The project and contractor were in the Bahamas, our rep was in Miami and the paint was coming from Orlando,” says Carlos Saracco, Sherwin-Williams Caribbean Director of Sales. “The logistics of coordinating orders and making sure everything shipped together was quite challenging.”

Other tests were providing massive paint volume on tight deadlines. “The first order was for 2,558 gallons, all of which had to tint and ship within a week,” says Sherwin-Williams rep Mike Pasos. “The biggest issue was making sure there were no delays in shipments. Delivery of shipments and monitoring the process is crucial for a project of this magnitude.”

Also, less than two months into the job, Precision Painters needed to replace its spray equipment. Sherwin-Williams ExportManager José Perez called stores in Miami to find the right equipment (two Graco Gmax 5900s), and Pasos rented a cargo van, picked them up and drove them to West Palm Beach, Fla., just in time to get them onto the next shipment to the Bahamas site.