Five days, nine hours. That's the time contractors in Kansas City had to tear down one 1,600 square foot house and rebuild another 4,200 square foot house from start to finish for ABC's "Extreme Makeover" TV show. The Bordner Installation Group, Inc. of Raytown, Mo. was a key contractor on the project, which was built for local firefighter Stephen Johnson. Bordner's paint division had one of the tightest deadlines of all.

"They got the colors on Saturday night, and started painting Sunday night," says Micah Rose, manager of the Sherwin-Williams store near the project. A crew of 23 worked from 8 p.m. until 9 a.m.Monday to apply the first interior coat, then put in another 10 hours to second-coat it between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 4 a.m. Wednesday.

ABC's designer picked out 38 different colors for the project - 27 of them deep base or ultra deep base colors. Keeping those straight was one of the biggest challenges on the job, says Chance Pierce, general manager of Bordner's paint division. One employee was stationed at the site solely to manage the paint inventory; when painters finished a room, they were required to return the remaining paint to the inventory site, and then, after cross-checking with blueprints, were issued the color for the next room, along with a fresh roller.

Touch-up was a major concern, since drywallers didn't have time to do the usual surface prep. Sherwin-Williams recommended its Builders Solution Flat because of its AccuTouch technology, and ColorAccents Flat for ultra deep base colors.

A flat paint was needed, as a shinier sheen would produce too much glare under TV camera lights. But the paint had to be easy to touch-up too. Builders Solution proved to be the perfect solution.

"The touch-up was really easy," Pierce says. "We also got great coverage with Builders Solution. In fact, it worked so well, we now use it on all our new res jobs."

In all, the project required 326 gallons of interior paint. In addition,WoodScapes Stain was used on the garage doors, along with 50 gallons of Duration Exterior Coating Satin on the exterior siding.

"The framer put together sections of the exterior Hardiboard and we shot the sections in our warehouse, almost like a tilt-up," Pierce says. The sections were then delivered by 18-wheeler to the home site and installed. "There was quite a bit of touch-up, including some broken sections that we had to replace and reinstall."

Bordner was also able to do some staining and lacquering of cabinets, trim and baseboard at its warehouse the week before, using Minwax English Chestnut stain and Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Sealer and Pre-Catalyzed Acrylic Lacquer.

The episode first aired May 8, and though it was a stressful project for Pierce and labor-intensive for his crew, the positive feedback made it all worthwhile.

"Our secretary fielded a lot of calls, and I got tons of emails, from both contractors and from homeowners who wanted to know what colors we used in various rooms or the exterior," Pierce says. "We also got several repaint jobs from the exposure."