Maybe – as a famous Muppet once said – it's not easy being green. But for Jonathan Rubenstein, there's no other way.

"I've always led a healthy lifestyle, so choosing a green route for our company is like completing the circle," says the owner of Paint JAR Inc., a Chicago painting and remodeling firm. "I love the outdoors and see it as a dwindling resource, so I try to do my part to lessen our impact on the earth. You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. I like being part of the solution."

Rubenstein is an industry leader in green business practices – a champion of environmentally preferred coatings and a member of the Chicagoland Clean Air Coalition, a group of businesses dedicated to reducing their environmental impact.

He's a stickler for reusing and recycling and educating employees on the value of green practices. The company holds several certifications in responsible practices and has a recycling option for latex paints and an EPA-approved disposal system for oil paints for its customers. Carpooling is mandatory for painters working on jobs more than 10 miles from the office.

After visiting the local Sherwin-Williams manufacturing plant, Rubenstein switched to the company’s GreenGuard certified products such as Harmony®, ProGreen® 200 and Duration Home®. In 2006, the Chicagoland Clean Air Coalition calculated that his company saved 22,000 pounds of VOCs with their use.

But it wasn't just their coatings; Rubenstein was also impressed with Sherwin-Williams' company-wide initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment, such as its wash-water management techniques and methods of recovering and recycling cleaning solvents.

Though not finance-driven, Rubenstein's earth-conscious practices have also been good for business in the exclusive North Shore and Gold Coast neighborhoods he targeted when he founded Paint JAR in 1997.

"Green construction, eco-friendly remodeling, and environmentally stable sustainable painting are our passions," says Rubenstein, noting that his company has reduced its ecological footprint by over 15 percent annually. "As a member of the Chicagoland Clean Air Coalition, we strive to reduce our impact on the earth. We honor this commitment to the environment by working with GreenSure products."

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