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Welcome to The Color Story. We hope you enjoy this literary and visual experience, complements of The Sherwin-Williams Color Marketing & Design Services Department. The focus of the second edition is the Green Movement and the importance of reducing the carbon footprint. We will examine and define color trends that are influencing the entire Education Market Segment for 2011.

The educational arena is moving toward a cautiously optimistic approach to color, based on the economy showing signs of a rebound. Basic clean and crisp colors dominant with continued emphasis on white. By definition the color white is the absence of color, although the undertones of white may vary from the slight blue undertone of Ceiling Bright White - SW 7007 which is cooler, to the warmer and slightly yellow undertone of Dover White - SW 6385.

White Color Associations

  • Symbol of innocence and purity
  • Reflects light. keeping temperatures cooler
  • Ability to make spaces appear larger
  • Highlights stark lines
  • Versatile - pairs with any color
Dover White
Pure White
Ceiling Bright White
Greek Villa
Westhighland White
Svelte Sage
Supreme Green
Garden Grove

Due to the printing process, colors shown approximate to the actual color.

Green continues to be a popular color family and seems to have "grown legs" with the ecological Green Movement. The color green is more that the combination of blue and yellow. Green now encompasses our daily lives. Green now describes our consciousness of the environment as we work to reduce our carbon footprint and to sustain the world we live in. All shades of green are being utilized in renovation and new construction. We are seeing dark greens, sage greens, and acidic green as well as soft neutral greens. Green paired with white walls provides a clean and simple space for learning and relaxing, while creating an updated space through the use of color.

Green Color Associations

  • Symbolic of nature
  • Easy on the eyes, said to improve vision
  • Calming, refreshing, promotes relaxation
  • Associated with regeneration
  • Symbol of environmental protection and social justice

When applying color to your classrooms, hallways and other areas remember to keep it simple, clean and pure.


Sixty-four percent of college applicants and parents stated that having information regarding schools commitment to the environment would greatly impact their decision to apply and attend that school. The Princeton Review & US Green Build Council recognized two hundred and eighty six schools for displaying their exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability in the classroom and on campus.

The 10 colleges that received the highest marks and were placed in the Green Honor Roll by the Princeton Review. Criteria evaluated for the review included eco friendly and healthy campuses, availability of majoring in the field of Green, vital statistics on sustainability and job placement for Green majors.

These green colleges are added to one of the most prestigious guides when looking for a school and seen as a high priority market segment for the USGBC. Benefits of a green college are a huge cost savings in all areas by continuing a return to the school and the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Colleges are going green because they have the potential to generate 2.5 million jobs in America as well as meet 85% of future US demand for energy. We are educating our young to create new pathways for our nation to continue to grow and prosper. Colleges are looking at this as opportunities to change our future, which in turn will create many new and exciting possibilities for all of us.

Students benefit with improved learning, better quality of life and the potential of opening doors to future environmental careers. Choosing one of the 286 schools will only help to increase job possibilities.

Way to go schools and keep up the "green" work!

  • Arizona State University - AZ
  • Bates College - ME
  • College of the Atlantic - ME
  • Harvard College - MA
  • Middlebury College - VT
  • University of California-Berkley - CA
  • University of Washington - WA
  • University of New Hampshire - NH
  • Yale University - CT
  • Georgia Institute of Technology - GA

Saving our planet with 5 Green jobs

  • Home Energy Auditor
  • Green Teacher
  • Green Engineer
  • Wind Power Salesperson
  • Weatherization Expert

Average Green Salary - $76,000

Green buildings contribute to more efficient use of energy.

The US is responsible for 39% of C02 emissions, 40% of energy consumption and 13% of water consumption.

Benefits of Green Schools:

  • Daylight and natural lighting - improve performance
  • High indoor air quality - improves health
  • Excellent acoustics - increases learning potential
  • Thermal comfort - increases occupant satisfaction

A typical green school saves $100,00 per year in direct costs

Molds commonly can present health hazards to children and asthma is the leading cause of absenteeism.

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