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Our new Concrete Coater™ e-Edition takes you places other industry sources don’t.

Build your business by getting insights into concrete coating products and projects, both protective and decorative. Get perspectives from the pros in the business that go beyond the expected, so you can learn not just how to do a job, but how to add more professionalism to every client interaction. And ultimately, more value to each and every job.

Concrete Coater™ will help you:

  • Go behind the scenes with concrete pros to learn how they set themselves apart and create business success.
  • Discover the nitty-gritty details of why some products work in certain situations and others don’t.
  • Pick up tips you can use to improve the way you work on your very next job.

In this issue

This first issue of Concrete Coater e-Edition features Sherwin-Williams Loxon® Conditioner and profiles one of the most popular H&C® decorative concrete products. You’ll gain the knowledge to use these products more efficiently and effectively for the best-possible outcome.

Check out our ProDiscounts program in this issue, then explore the comprehensive line of concrete products at Sherwin-Williams stores. Find the location nearest you with our store locator. And get more information on

Look for more issues of this e-newsletter all year long — all to help you hone your edge in concrete coatings.

Finally, watch for the premier issue of our Concrete Coater print magazine in your mailbox in April.