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Need Great Adhesion and Fast Cure? Here It Is.

Meet Sherwin-Williams Loxon® Conditioner in your choice of clear or white. Increase job efficiency with the white formula and its easy-to-track application on bare concrete and masonry.

Use it as a sealer for new construction or where the existing topcoat has deteriorated over time. You’ll get these premium performance benefits:

  • Exceptional resistance to alkali.
  • Excellent efflorescence resistance.
  • Impressive adhesion.
  • Bonds light chalk and dusting concrete.
  • Fast seven-day cure on new concrete, stucco and other vertical masonry surfaces.
  • Temperature tolerance as low as 40° F.
  • Meets stringent VOC regulations.


For more information: Loxon® Conditioner

Less Downtime: Get Vibrant Color in Minutes With Quick-Drying H&C® Acetone Dye Stain

If you’re working in a retail environment or anyplace where disruption and downtime are concerns, an acetone dye stain is a smart choice. H&C Acetone Dye Stain dries to the touch in just 20 to 40 minutes, while acid stains require a minimum of four hours to react, as well as labor-intensive neutralization.

Even with its aggressive drying time, H&C Acetone Dye Stain produces vibrant colors. Choose from our collection of 16 ready-to-use stains ranging from Salsa Red to Prickly Cactus to Reno Gold. Work with the straight color or mix freely to achieve nearly any custom shade you’d like.

The only step required before you begin color application is etching. It opens the pores of the concrete to fully accept the color. When the surface is etched and dry, you’re set to start.

Put down a rich single shade. Layer multiple colors for drama. Or create faux looks. Just remember to always start with lighter colors first, then build with the darker shades as you progress. Another feature that contributes to quick application: There’s no neutralizing required. As soon as one color dries, apply the next.

The final step? Remove the dye stain residue according to directions. Wait 24 hours. Then apply two coats of a water-based or solvent-based sealer, such as H&C® High Performance Industrial Clear Coat. To improve durability even further, apply a final coat of H&C® Infusion Industrial Floor Finish.

For more information: H&C® Acetone Dye Stain

Always a great choice for deep, rich color, these stains are especially ideal whenever timing is tight. For more details, talk to the experts at your local Sherwin-Williams store. Find the most convenient location with our store locator.