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    A Vertical Path to Concrete Success

    Some people’s careers follow a narrow, straight path. Follow how one pro’s road of twists and turns helped her become a sought-after decorative concrete expert.

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    Protective Coating Logistics

    Learn how Valcourt Building Services, a leader in exterior waterproofing and restoration services throughout the South and along the East Coast, handles as many as 500 projects a year.

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    Decorative Concrete Floor Makes Big Impact in Lil Bar

    Follow a contractor as he expands his business into concrete flooring and describes his process for giving an old concrete floor a hardworking, durable and attractive decorative finish.

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    Concrete Waterproofing: A Class Act

    Learn how a vexing water intrusion problem on a rear entrance deck was finally solved for a Philadelphia school that had been suffering for years. A smart suite of products received top grades all around.

  • Thumb - Project Profile: Carroll Shelby International headquarters

    Celebrating Shelby

    The recent repaint of a classic California car company’s corporate headquarters shows how professional painting contractors can leverage bold concrete color choices to help their customers create better branding.


    Video: One-Stop Concrete Protection System

    See how a contractor tackles a massive two-year project: using Sherwin-Williams protective concrete products to help a 24-story beachfront condo fight the damaging effects of salt-filled ocean air and weathering.


    Deteriorating Concrete, Revived

    When a labyrinth of concrete walkways started deteriorating before its time, a system of products came to the rescue. Learn how a crew combated spalling and more to revive 80,000 square feet of concrete.

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    Cost-Effective Cleanup for Damaged Concrete

    Discover the surfacing cleanup benefits of H&C® Broom Finish Repair and learn why moderate concrete damage is no match for H&C® Quick Patch & Repair.

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    Weather Phenomenon

    High humidity, salt air and driving rain can mean trouble for concrete construction. Follow a team of experts as they restore a Florida building to its former glory — with a system of products they were glad to discover.

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    What the Doctor Ordered

    Applying a protective exterior coating to an old hospital with historic status presents a unique level of challenges. Here’s how one contractor found the perfect prescription to handle his biggest job ever.

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    Project Profile: Hyatt Place Hotels

    Sher-Crete® Flexible Concrete Waterproofer passes rigorous testing by a contractor who routinely relies on it to keep swimming-pool decks in great shape at Hyatt Place hotels.

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    Project Profile: Protective

    Concrete coatings that stand up to weather help preserve history. Learn how an old elementary school was turned into a must-see destination for children along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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    Pioneer: Chris Suckow

    Perseverance and artistic merit help this decorative-concrete pioneer’s business thrive, and can inspire your own approach to success.

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