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Originally published in PPC Magazine.
Think faux finishes are just for residential work? Think again. With today’s advanced coatings systems, you can offer your commercial clients the most modern, popular and dramatic decorative finishes on the market – at a cost-effective price point.

Add Visual Interest to Your Jobs

The Faux Impressions line from Sherwin-Williams features subtle details not found with standard paint that enable you to maximize visual interest, create a dramatic environment or highlight special areas or focal points within a commercial space.

Areas to consider decorative faux finishes include hotel lobbies, dining halls and conference centers, office building vestibules, common areas
and elevators, houses of worship, restaurants
and cocktail lounge, casinos, healthcare facility waiting rooms and public spaces, day spas and boutique retail shops.

Consistent Results

Whether your customer is looking for the classic elegance of Venetian plaster, the soft sparkle of quartz stone or the contemporary cool of metallic glazing, Faux Impressions® products are engineered to produce repeatable results. The simple application process enables contractors to achieve consistently outstanding looks – even when pros of varied skill levels are working the same job.

This was a key selling point for Angela Schuster, owner of Faux Time Design in Old Tappan, N.J.

“Production is really important to me,” says Schuster, who has had to hire additional painters due to the demand for her work. “I need to know the product is easy to use and can be applied exactly the same way for everyone on my staff. It’s important that the customer cannot tell who worked on which areas. That’s one of the things I like about Sherwin-Williams’ Faux Impressions line.”

The products apply quickly so you can recommend specialty finishes without worries of impacting the project timeline or budget.

Faux Impressions expands the possibilities I can offer my clients,” says Joe Cornelius, a Flagstaff, Ariz. contractor. “Its ease of use improves my bottom line by saving me time. The Quartz Stone finish, for example, makes an especially realistic sandstone effect in just one coat.”

These specialty finishes are available in every Sherwin-Williams color. Large 3x6-inch Faux Impressions sample cards in dozens of color combinations are available at your Sherwin-Williams store.

How to Get Started

If you’re new to decorative finishes, Sherwin-Williams recommends the Faux Impressions Quartz Stone, Metallic and High Polish Fresco finishes to get acquainted with the capabilities of faux in commercial spaces. See swfaux.com/contractors for visual examples and more information on what you can offer your customers with these finishes.

Once the final finish is done, the secret to increasing durability for Metallic and Quartz Stone finishes in high-traffic areas is topcoating with Sher-Clear™ 1K. Available in flat, satin, semi-gloss or gloss, this acrylic clear coat provides an added element of protection that improves washability, scrub resistance and abrasion resistance.* It even stands up to regular cleaning in areas like restrooms.

*Without Sher-Clear 1K, Faux Impressions has the durability of satin latex paint. Ask your Sherwin-Williams rep for complete performance specifications.