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New ways to grow your business

If you’re like most professional painting contractors, you’re always looking for new ways to build your business. Today it could be as easy as looking beneath your feet. With the proper product education and training, you can add “floor coating specialist” to your company’s resume, and build your bottom line from the ground up.

As with any other painting project, you want your floor coating to look good, perform to your requirements and last a long time. But each floor is different, so choosing products that will work best for your application is critical.

Three floor coating categories

In a nutshell, floor coating opportunities can be divided into three general categories:

  • Light foot traffic areas like offices, janitorial closets, back rooms and service corridors.
  • Light to moderate traffic areas like service areas, restrooms, locker rooms, aisleways and cafeteria floors.
  • Moderate to heavy vehicle traffic areas such as aisleways used for heavy fork trucks with rubber and steel wheels, high-traffic wear areas, and loading docks.

Sherwin-Williams has a full line of ArmorSeal® Heavy Duty Floor Coatings to cover every one of your customers’ floor coatings needs. Below is a description of the most commonly used ArmorSeal floor coatings primers and topcoat products. If you have a more specific project or think your floor requires even greater durability, contact your local sales representative for details on more advanced products.


Primers are designed to seal the surface, improve adhesion and provide for a uniform finish coat. There are five primers in the ArmorSeal line, all specifically designed for floors.

  • ArmorSeal Tread-Plex Primer is a general-purpose, 100% acrylic, interior and exterior floor primer. It dries rapidly to a tough finish that will withstand hard wear, abrasion, grease, oils and cleaning equipment. Available in off white in a low sheen.
  • ArmorSeal Water Based Floor Epoxy Primer/Sealer is a 38% solids primer. It’s compatible with most high-performance finish coats and, in many cases, can be used as an effective barrier coat when coating previously painted surfaces. It can also be used as a primer for damp concrete or masonry surfaces. Available in clear in a gloss sheen.
  • ArmorSeal Floor-Plex 7100 is a heavy-duty, low-odor, catalyzed, waterborne epoxy floor primer. Designed for use under ArmorSeal finish coats, it provides overall performance comparable to that of most solvent borne epoxy floor systems. Available in off white in a low gloss sheen.
  • ArmorSeal Water Based Floor Epoxy Primer is an 87% solids primer, compatible with most high-performance finish coats and, in many cases, can be used as a primer for damp concrete or masonry surfaces. Available in light gray in a satin sheen.
  • ArmorSeal 33 is a 100% solids, high-build, fast-cure, epoxy primer designed for use under ArmorSeal 650 or where a high-build primer is needed. Available in light gray and clear in a gloss sheen.


Topcoats are the heavy duty wear layer of your floor coating system. Topcoats provide resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals and moisture and provide the desired color and sheen. These topcoats in the ArmorSeal line are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial, industrial and institutional floors.

  • ArmorSeal Tread-Plex is a one-component, general purpose, interior and exterior waterborne floor coating. It dries rapidly to a tough, semi-gloss finish that will withstand foot traffic, push carts, moderate abrasion, grease, oils and cleaning equipment.
  • ArmorSeal 1K is a high-performance, one-component polyester waterbased urethane, formulated specifically for industrial floor applications. It provides outstanding abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance with excellent color and gloss retention. The performance is comparable to two-component waterbased urethane, making this coating ideal for service corridors, locker rooms, hand cart warehouses and cafeterias.
  • ArmorSeal Floor-Plex 7100 is a heavy-duty, interior, low-odor, two-component, catalyzed, waterborne epoxy floor coating. It dries rapidly to an extra-tough gloss finish which will withstand heavy industrial traffic, abrasion and general chemical attack.
  • ArmorSeal 1000HS is a a high-solids, heavy-duty, solvent-based, catalyzed, epoxy coating formulated for demanding industrial requirements. It dries rapidly to a tough, high-gloss finish with excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack. This workhorse epoxy is suitable for heavy use floors such as those in schools, manufacturing plants, convention centers, rest rooms and auto service areas.
  • ArmorSeal Rexthane I is a high-solids, single-component, moisture-cure urethane, moisture-resistant industrial floor coating. This urethane coating cures to a high-gloss and chemical-resistant film equivalent to two-part urethane coatings, and is a good choice for aircraft hangars, auto service bays, loading docks, locker rooms and exterior concrete decks.
  • ArmorSeal 650 is a self-leveling, recoatable epoxy. It’s a two-component, heavy-duty floor system that provides a high-gloss, seamless, hygienic surface that is extremely hard-wearing and durable, and suitable for heavy vehicular traffic such as fork lifts and trucks.

Everything you need under one roof

Along with these topcoats and primers, Sherwin-Williams also offers essential products like concrete patches and fillers. Stop by your local store to get more details on how to expand and diversify your business by adding commercial floor coatings to your menu of painting services.

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• Go to swarmorseal.com for data sheets and to download the ArmorSeal Product Guide, or ask your local rep or store manager. You can also view an online map and guide to VOC restrictions by regulated areas.