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Techniques around 12 different luxury finishes

Looking for profitable new sales opportunities? The Faux Impressions® line from Sherwin-Williams is the perfect entry point for professional painting contractors interested in reaping the benefits of the lucrative decorative finish market.

This line of specialty finishes offers best-in-class product technology, new user-friendly tools and exceptionally easy application steps to help you land profitable residential and commercial projects and generate return business.

“Faux Impressions incorporates subtle details in a way that really gives a room that ‘wow’ factor,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams.

Simple, repeatable application steps allow you to quickly move on to your next job. The coordinated system of products, tools, applicators and instructional support materials ensures you’ll get consistent results – even when crewmembers with various skill levels work the same job.

The 12 fashion-forward techniques range from rustic to contemporary to cater to the tastes of your market and customers. Faux Impressions products can also be used to create traditional finishes like sponging, ragging and stippling.

Each technique features dozens of color combinations developed by paint industry experts, so there’s no guesswork and no need to experiment with new colors for each project.

Metallic Impressions

Customers like the sophisticated luxury these finishes bring to their homes or offices. Smooth Metallic gives a room a polished luster, while Brushed Metallic adds subtle texture with the shimmer of silk. Textured Metallic imparts an elegant, hand-finished luxury. “Metallic Impressions are perfect if you want to play up a small bathroom with glitzy jewel tones or add a subtle opulence to a master bedroom or dining room,” Jordan says. “Even with the use of darker colors, a metallic finish can make a room feel larger because of its reflective properties.”

Quartz Stone Impressions

These finishes help you “bring the outside indoors in a refined manner,” Jordan says. Use the Smooth Quartz Stone application technique to achieve the look of mineral sands. Create a more weathered look with the Brushed Quartz Stone technique. The Striae Quartz Stone application borrows its base from the metallic family and adds texture to create a knockout look.

Old World Impressions

Textured Fresco reproduces the characteristics of aged Roman plaster walls. Smooth Fresco has a warm rustic appeal, while the sheen of High Polish Fresco will remind customers of classic marble architecture. “The Old World Impressions collection can give instant history to any home,” Jordan says.

Artisan Impressions

The Crackle application technique creates the look of well-worn metal patina and adds depth to walls. For a tranquil organic vibe, try the Leaf application. Or use the Tissue Paper application for an organic stucco-like texture.

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