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If you're tired of having to settle for a color that's merely "close," look to



Can there be anything more challenging and frustrating than color matching? If you're tired of having to settle for a color that's merely “close,” look to Sher-Color, Sherwin-Williams' exclusive computerized color-matching and tint-dispensing system. Sher-Color gives you quick, more accurate color matches in mere minutes – across product lines and sheen levels.

Here's how it works: You bring the item you wish to match – a color chip, rug, pillow, carpet sample, etc., – to any Sherwin-Williams store. Just make sure it's at least the size of a dime and has a consistent color and finish – nothing porous, mirrored or high-gloss. The Sher-Color "eye" then analyzes the sample and provides:

  • A custom formula for a more accurate color match using Sherwin-Williams paint.
  • Formulas for the closest colors available in the Sherwin-Williams palette.

But the results don't end there. Sher-Color connects the color eye and tint dispenser with the store's sales terminal and label printer, transferring, recording and storing all information. Sherwin-Williams then archives orders for up to six years, so you can easily retrieve and replicate color formulas. This improved technology is especially useful in tracking colors on large, complex commercial and residential projects.