Accent Walls

Technique: Accent Walls 

Supplies Needed:
  • One paint color
  • 2-inch painter's tape
  • 9-inch roller frame
  • Roller cover with ¾-inch nap
  • Paint tray with liner
  • Paint brush
  • Drop cloth

Step 1: If you want to create an accent wall with a different color, the wall that comes into view opposite the main entrance to the room is often the most appropriate one to use as your feature wall.

Step 2: When selecting a paint color, you can:
  • Choose a color a few shades darker than the other walls in the room. Paint chips show a range of three-to-six shades in the same color family, so they are a good tool to use.
  • Choose a complementary color by looking at a color wheel and choosing colors from the opposite side of the wheel for a dramatic statement.
  • Consider a color featured in one of your favorite accessories, such as a pillow, throw or draperies.

Step 3: Prepare for painting by clearing the room of furniture, draperies, wall accessories and hardware. Cover the floors with drop cloths, being careful to lay the cloth as close to the baseboard as possible. Open a window or door to ensure proper ventilation. Wash the surface with an appropriate cleaner to remove any oil, grease or surface contamination. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 4: Using the 2-inch painter’s tape, apply tape along trim, baseboards, and ceilings and along the edges of where your accent wall meets the other walls. Tape any door or window frames that will not be painted.

Tip: Make sure the tape edges are completely sealed to the wall using a putty knife or credit card. This will reduce bleeding. Place tape on the lighter walls.

Step 5: Pour enough paint into the paint tray to cover the bottom of the pan. Using the roller, paint your base coat on the wall. A 1-2" brush offers good control so it is well-suited for detail work such as cutting in around windows.

Tip: Apply paint in "W" shapes to avoid streak marks.

Step 6: Allow three hours of drying time before adding your second coat. Be sure to keep the windows open and put a ceiling fan on low to help speed the drying process.

Step 7: Following the previous steps: apply a second coat of paint.

Step 8: Once the paint has dried, remove all of the tape by pulling it off slowly in a downward motion.

Step 9: Redecorate your new room and enjoy!