Create Your Own Look

Coordinate your color transitions

Great design reflects your personality and taste. But sometimes you want a sense of tranquility and other times, more drama. Using the tips listed below, the coordinating colors in our palettes allow you to change the mood and feel but still achieve a unified look. Go bold, strike a balance or be subtle. That's the beauty of using a perfectly chosen palette throughout your home.



If a life without drama leaves you wanting, seek no further. This look makes a striking statement instantly. By combining bolder shades with their more neutral counterparts, you can effortlessly create a space high on impact.

Use Dark Colors
Dark rooms and walls enhance all the other colors in the space. You'll be surprised with the results. You can achieve the same effect by adding dark or bold accessories around the room.

Colors Used
Tricorn Black, Antique Red, Rustic City
Traditional Twist Collection



A balanced look is inviting. It accommodates different moods and tastes. Start with a couple of neutral shades that will serve as your base. Pepper with bolder accent colors for a lively surge of intensity. Once you've nailed down what works in one room, maintain the balance throughout.

Reinvent Your Furniture
Paint can be applied to almost anything. Paint furniture to tie a color scheme together from room to room, or paint the inside of a bookcase, armoire or buffet a dark color.

Colors Used

Antiquarian Brown, Stone Lion, Indigo Batik

Traditional Twist Collection



Do you view your home - or certain rooms within it - as your sanctuary? Tranquility is right at hand when you stick to shades that are similar in tone & saturation. Apply to walls, trim and ceilings for a soothing yet sophisticated look, inviting a sense of relaxation.

Rethink White Ceilings
Most of us tend to paint the ceiling white. Believe it or not, painting your ceiling a shade or two lighter or the same color as your walls makes the space feel more expansive. Try it out.

Colors Used
Burlap, Sand Beach. Foothills

Traditional Twist Collection