SW - Art DIR HowMuch ToBuy

To estimate how many rolls you need for a room, you must know the answer to these three important questions first.

  1. How many square feet are in a single roll?
    A single roll of paper contains 25 usable square feet, regardless of width.

    Note: Wallpaper is priced in single rolls, but is available only in double or triple rolls.

  2. What is the "repeat pattern" (the amount of paper lost when matching patterns) size of your wallpaper?
    You'll find the number on the back of each book sample and on most in-stock rolls. This figure can vary from 0 to 23 inches.

  3. What is the total square footage of the area to be covered?
    This figure, of course, excludes the total area of windows and doors.

For your convenience, we've included these variables in the wallpaper calculator in our Project Planner. Or, you can use the formulas we've provided in our example of How to Estimate.

Also, consider the following to avoid running out

When you buy wallpaper, look for run numbers, lot numbers, or run codes on the label or wallcovering. These numbers should be the same on each roll. Wallcoverings are printed in large batches, and the colors can vary slightly - but noticeably - between the batches.

To avoid the risk of running out (and to make sure you have extras in case you need to patch an area) you may wish to buy an extra roll.

To be sure you have enough wallpaper to cover the room, bring all of your room measurements to our store and ask to speak to a salesperson.