Instructions for hanging the first strip of wallpaper:

1.  Carry the first strip over to the wall and step up to the ladder.

2.  Grasp the top edge and let the folded portion of the strip drop open.

3.  Place the strip on the wall, next to the door frame, overlapping the ceiling 2 to 3 inches. Trim the edge of the paper next to the door frame with a razor knife.

4.  Starting from the top, working down and out to the edges, stroke the smoothing brush over the top portion of the strip to remove bubbles.

5.  Step off the ladder and open the lower folded portion of the strip.

6.  Line it up with the plumb line and smooth it out from the top to the bottom and to the edges, as you did with the upper half of the strip.

7.  To get rid of wrinkles, simply pull strip away from wall and realign it. Don't smooth the paper too much trying to get out small air bubbles; they'll disappear as the wallpaper dries.

A new, inexpensive plastic smoother is available in our stores. It's an excellent tool to use along with the smoother brush. It's particularly good for pushing wallpaper into corners, baseboards and other similar spots.

8.  Once the strip is in place, trim the excess at the ceiling and the baseboard using broad knife as a guide for razor knife. The blade must be sharp to get a clean cut, so change blades often.

9.  Some of the adhesive may end up on the outside of the wallpaper. Simply wash each strip with a wet sponge after it's hung. Change the water frequently. Wash off the ceiling and baseboard, too.

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