Sherwin-Williams makes it easy to get the right primer for any surface you want to paint. To get a great-looking finish coat and the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect, be sure to properly apply primer to the surfaces you plan to paint.

Sherwin-Williams primers are formulated to solve typical painting problems while helping to make your finish coat smooth and uniform: 

  • Achieve a smooth, professional finish
  • Block stains, marks and odors
  • Assure adhesion
  • Speed topcoating
  • Prevent peeling
  • Attain the truest paint color in the fewest coats
  • Improve touch-up performance of the topcoat

Premium Wall & Wood Primer
- Premium quality primer for the smoothest finish

Multi-Purpose Latex Primer
- General purpose whole-house primer for multiple surfaces

Drywall Primer
- Seals new drywall and previously painted walls for a consistent finish

Harmony® Wall Primer
- An environmentally responsible and low odor formula for drywall

Pre-Wallcovering Primer
- Primes, seals and sizes in one coat

Multi-Purpose Oil-Based Primer
- Versatile sealer and stain blocker, assures a uniform finish

Adhesion Primer
- Tightly bonds to slick and glossy surfaces

White Pigmented Shellac Primer
- Highest performing primer for sealing out the toughest stains and odors in one coat

Concrete & Masonry Primer
- Seals and adheres to concrete, brick, stucco and plaster

Your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams paint expert can provide additional advice about which primer is right for your project.

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