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To ensure a quality paint job that will last, the paint you'll use depends on the type of surface you want to paint.

Walls - Because it's easy to work with, latex paint is an excellent choice for do-it-yourself projects. Latex paints can be applied over properly prepared wood, vinyl, aluminum and stucco.

Metal - Use either latex or oil/alkyd paint on properly primed iron or steel. You can apply latex directly on aluminum and galvanized metal. However, these metals need to be properly primed if you're using oil/alkyd-based paint.

Trim - Either latex or oil/alkyd paint is appropriate for trim. Gloss and high gloss finishes are generally your first choice, but flat or satin finishes are fine selections.

Masonry - H&C® Concrete Stains and Sealers and Loxon® Coatings are excellent for protecting and beautifying masonry and brickwork.

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