Learn how to give a blank wall some personality with polka dots. Polka dots are a great decorative painting technique for your walls. Read the steps below on how to paint polka dots to your wall.

Watch the Video on How to Paint Polka Dots

Supplies Needed:

  • Two different paint colors – Basecoat and coordinating color for polka dot pattern
  • Premade circle stencil or blank stencil sheets. Available at craft stores and online retailers.
  • Compass, round object(s) for pattern
  • Pen knife
  • 1" or 2" low-tack/safe-release tape
  • 9" roller frame and cover
  • Stencil or small brush
  • Roller pan with liner
  • Tape measure, carpenters level, pencil

Step 1:

When you have all your supplies ready, and the room cleared for painting, paint your base coat of paint on the wall using one of the two colors you have decided to use. Let it dry at least 4 hours or overnight for best results.

Step 2:

Make stencils for the dots. Use a compass to trace circles on stencil sheets. If you don't have a compass, use a round object like a dinner plate. Cut the circles out of the sheet with a sharp pen knife using safe cutting practices to create your stencil. If you want a variety of dot sizes, use a variety of size patterns and cut out different-sized circles.

Step 3:

Decide on your pattern and mark with light pencil mark or a small piece of tape where the center of each polka dot will be on the wall.

Step 4:

Tape your stencil to the wall using low-tack/safe-release tape.

Step 5:

Using your stencil brush or small paint brush start painting from the outer edge of the circle towards the center to avoid paint seeping under the stencil. Remove the stencil carefully. Do this for all circles. You many need a second coat depending on your desired results.