SW - Art DIR Tissue

Irregular creases and folds created in this technique provide the opportunity to add outstanding interest to any plain surface you’d like to highlight. From afar,the texture is subtle — taking on an appearance of stucco or cement. As you get closer, the unusual personality of the wall emerges as a delightful surprise.

Time Required

For an average room with 400 sq. ft. of wall space, it will take you approximately 4 – 8 total hours over 2 to 3 days.


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How-To Video

Watch how to do the Artisan Tissue technique.

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Artisan Tissue Brochure

Step by step instructions and photography

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Technical Bulletin

Detailed how-to information for this and related techniques.

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Get This Look:

Step 1
Duration Home® Matte Paint Base Coat - 1 coat
Antique White SW 6119
Apply crinkled tissue paper while wet
Roll basecoat over paper

Step 2
Metallic Glaze
Antique White Metallic SWF 332

Step 3
Glaze Topcoat
1:1 Ratio with Paint
Iron Ore SW 7069