SW - Art DIR Crackle
The dramatic appearance of crackle takes on the characteristics of aged metal patina because each unique application produces random splitting and blistering that result in interesting multilayer depth. Sophisticated. Bold. Adventurous. Great for a fireplace surround or a powder room.

Time Required

For an average room with 400sq. ft. of wall space, it will take you approximately 12 total hours over 3 to 4 days.


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How-To Video

Watch how to do the Artisan Crackle technique

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Artisan Crackle Brochure

Step by step instructions and photography

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Technical Bulletin

Detailed how-to information for this and related techniques.

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SW - ArtDIRCrackleBd3

Get This Look:

Fractured Gold SWF 402
(other color options available - see store for details & color cards)

Step 1
Duration Home® Matte Paint Base Coat - 2 coats
Relic Bronze SW 6132

Step 2
Metallic Glaze
Relic Bronze Metallic SWF 340

Step 3
Crackle Coat

Step 4
Minwax® Polycrylic® Clear Gloss

Step 5
Glaze Topcoat 1:1 Ratio with Paint
Black Bean SW 6006