Below are Finishing Schedules furnished as a guide for specifying paint and coating systems for green programs. These specifications are written in CSI format and can be included in their entirety, or selectively, in a master specification. As with any standard specifications, they should be reviewed by the Specifier and edited to suit the particular needs of a given project and its respective location.

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Green Programs Specifications

These specification guides include Sherwin-Williams products that contributes toward satisfying the criteria under the credit category designated below.

09 91 23 LEED09 NC - New Construction/CS - Core & Shell/CI - Commercial Interiors
Contributes toward satisfying IEQ Credit 4.2
PDF - 389KB | DOC - 1.1MB

09 91 23 GBI Green Globes NC v1.2
Contributes toward satisfying Volatile Organic Compounds
PDF - 303KB | DOC - 741KB

09 91 23 CDPH v1.1 California Department of Health Services
“Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers, Version 1.1” (CA Section 01350).
PDF - 70KB | DOC - 455KB

09 91 23 LEED® for Homes Rating System
Contributes toward satisfying IEQ Credit 4 Group 2
PDF - 70KB | DOC - 471KB

09 91 23 NGBS National Green Building Standard™ ICC700-2012
Contributes toward satisfying 901.9.1 Interior Architectural Coatings
PDF - 332KB | DOC - 684KB