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Consistent quality wins continuing business.

When a hotel offers indoor swimming, guests generally expect to splash their way through water in the pool — not on the concrete deck that surrounds it. So, when Aurora Burciaga discovered a puddling problem around the pool of the Hyatt Place hotel she managed in Fort Worth, Texas, she sought advice from Hyatt’s corporate facilities team.

Their suggestion? Call Brent Hagood at Prime Restoration ( in Atlanta.

“Our corporate facilities VP (Randy Dawes) said Brent’s firm had done more of these pool deck repair and protective maintenance projects for Hyatt Place than anyone else, and that the overall layouts were much the same,” Burciaga recalls. “That was good news for me, because it meant the work could be done more quickly and efficiently.”

During the past six years, Prime Restoration has handled pool deck repair and protective maintenance at more than 40 Hyatt Place properties throughout the U.S. After Burciaga gained approval for the work, the hotel’s on-site maintenance team provided photos and measurements of the pool deck area for Hagood’s long-distance review, which allowed him to provide a project estimate.

However, photos don’t always tell the whole story.

“When we arrive on any job site, the first thing we do is walk the entire area, looking for things not captured in the initial proposal,” says Hagood. “After walking the job, we discovered the pool deck drains were set too high above the finished grade concrete, which caused water to puddle on the concrete surface rather than go down the drains.”

Why SherCrete® Flexible Concrete Waterproofer?

Brent Hagood could select a number of waterproofing solutions for his company’s concrete protection needs. But only SherCrete Flexible Concrete Waterproofer passed rigorous R&D testing by Sherwin-Williams — and his own business.

“SherCrete offers great flexibility when properly applied to concrete, so it helps prevent future cracking,” he explains. “It’s easy to apply and has great protective qualities, which makes it really good for visible surfaces like pool decks and exterior balconies.”

After reviewing the findings with Hagood, Burciaga issued a change order for the added expense to build up the concrete surface to provide proper drainage. When the construction work was completed, the Prime Restoration crew used SherCrete® Flexible Concrete Waterproofer to protect and seal all pool deck surfaces.

In a hotel, any service interruption is a potential problem, and highly visible repair work can be a major issue if not expertly handled. In that area, Burciaga says the quality of Prime Restoration’s communication matched the high quality of their work.

“From start to finish, Brent was really good about communicating with us,” she says. “He did a great job explaining needed changes from the initial estimate, and he provided regular updates over the four or five days the repair and waterproofing took place. And, the crew did a great job minimizing the work’s effect on our guests.”

In addition to good communication, Hagood says successful collaborations also need a healthy dose of empathy and focus.

“This kind of work is a big inconvenience for the hotels, so we planned our work and stayed focused on getting in, doing the job and getting out as quickly as possible,” says Hagood. “That’s where our well-informed Sherwin-Williams representatives are vital, because they’re knowledgeable about the products we use and can quickly locate important information on any new products we might consider.”

Since this project was completed, Burciaga has taken on a new job as general manager of the Dallas Arlington Hyatt Place Hotel. Not surprisingly, she has already prepared a capital request to have Prime Restoration handle pool deck maintenance at that property in 2013.