• Builders Solution® Interior Latex Paint

    Builders Solution® Interior Latex Paint

    Builders Solution® is a unique two-coat system designed to solve your two biggest problems, drywall imperfections and touch-up. And its time saving formulation will keep labor costs down. All of these benefits improve effeciency and reduce the customer callbacks that often stall the final close of the home.

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      • 1 Gallon(s)
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      • Sales Number: 6403-53892
      • Product Number: A62W00051

    Product Features

    • A solution to masking drywall imperfections.
    • Optimal touchup including near perfect flat finish touch-up.
    • Outstanding burnish resistance.
    • Outstanding scrubability.
    • Excellent washability.

    Although we've taken local and national VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations into consideration, such as the Ozone Transport Commission Specifications (OTC), because these regulations vary greatly around the U.S. and are subject to change, we suggest verifying that product selections meet the requirements of the area in which they are to be used.

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