• Multi-Purpose Primer

    A general-utility primer ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Premium Wall & Wood Primer

    • Assures professional results on wood trim, doors and walls
    • Provides the smoothest finish on decorative surfaces like crown molding and window and door casings
    • Our top-of-the-line interior primer

  • White Pigmented Shellac Primer

    • Provides excellent adhesion to virtually any interior surface – from previously painted surfaces, wood and paneling, to cured plaster and ceiling tiles
    • Can be used as a spot primer for exterior applications
    • Also effective for spot priming knots and severe tannin stains on bare wood

  • Loxon® Concrete & Masonry Primer

    Specifically engineered for interior and exterior, above-grade, masonry surfaces requiring high performance protection.

  • Fast Drying Primer

    Gets the job done quickly – allowing for fast production and topcoats in one hour. Alkyd formula blocks stains and can be used on both interior and exteriors. Ideal for cold-weather priming.

  • Drywall Primer

    A great choice for basic priming at an affordable price. Well-suited for priming under flat topcoats. Performs on drywall, wood and plywood

  • Harmony® Wall Primer

    Primes, seals and hides. Zero VOCs. Prepares the surface to provide good topcoat performance.

  • High Build Primer

    • Covers a wide range of irregularities found in new construction interiors
    • Minimizes minor surface imperfections: paper fuzz, minor sanding grooves, nicks, pinholes.

  • Multi-Purpose Oil-Based Primer

    • Can be used on many interior surfaces – including wood, hardboard, cured plaster, paneling and ceiling tiles
    • Seals out odors and great at blocking stains – especially wood tannin stains and water-based stains