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  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Chrysalis thb


    We look to the earth and sky for inspiration with colors that create an oasis.

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  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Voyage thb


    From space tourism to undersea resorts, we look to beyond to find colors that are supernatural and magical.

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  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Buoyant thb


    Bright florals, green spaces, urban environments define the color in this palette.

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  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Unrestrained thb


    We celebrate bold, ethnic-inspired colors to the Bohemian lifestyle.

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  • SW-IMG - ColorMix 2015 Promo

    colormix™ 2015 (PDF)

    What is your happy place? Maybe it's a perfect balance of earthly hues or a magical alchemy of supernatural shimmer.

  • SW - Art PRO - colormix2015 behind the scenes - THB

    Behind the Scenes

    View the extensive list of the products and people who inspired each palette.

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