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Originally published in PPC Magazine.
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Jakob Lininger has enjoyed a lot of success with his company American Patch and Paint in this city of 36,000 near Ann Arbor. So when a repaint was needed for the landmark 19th-century building housing the Ella Sharp Museum of Art & History, he wanted to help.

"I offered to paint the building free of charge as my way of thanking Jackson for keeping my company going for over a decade in our wonderful city," Lininger says. "Although I complete a large range of services for the city and surrounding areas, restoring historical structures is what I live for and makes up about 75 percent of my business."

He teamed up with other local pros as well as volunteers from the local offices of the armed services, police, fire and Department of Natural Resources to complete the job. A stickler for quality, Lininger prepped with Sherwin-Williams 950A Caulk and topcoated with Duration Exterior Latex to ensure the longest-lasting finish.

SEE MORE PHOTOS of the job at flickr.com/photos/americanpatchandpaint


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