Loss of adhesion of a coating under eaves, porches, or other protected areas.


  • Under eaves, porches, or other protected areas, the natural cleaning effect of weather does not occur, and air pollution or other contaminants can build up.
  • Salts, which can form during the life of the existing paint coating, were not removed before a new coat of paint was applied. These salts form an invisible film, preventing the previous coating to bond with the new topcoat.
  • Paints are applied to old hard and glossy paint films.
  • Insufficient surface preparation.


See Lead Information

  • Follow label and data page directions for proper surface preparation methods for the coating. Extra attention should be directed to areas that are not exposed to direct weathering.
  • Test the coating in a 6" to 12" radius around peeled areas to be sure the adhesion is adequate.