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Originally published in PPC Magazine.
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One of Ashley Jenkins' biggest challenges at the USDA National Science Laboratory in Gastonia, N.C., was that it had to be repainted during business hours with little or no disruption to lab equipment, technicians or their testing activities. So he chose Pro-Green 200 Interior Latex – 90 gallons of eg-shel on the walls and 15 gallons of flat on the ceilings.

"Through the whole process of this job, there were no complaints about odors or fumes," Jenkins says. "ProGreen 200 performed like a champ both brushing and rolling. It has a great spread rate and excellent coverage, at a very competitive price. This is definitely one product I am using more of and would highly recommend it to other painting contractors."

Metal doorframes needed recoating too. "Repainting with oilbased products in this environment was out of the question," Jenkins says. "After speaking with my Sherwin-Williams rep Josh Cato, we decided to try Sher-Cryl HPA. I sanded a doorframe and applied a sample for adhesion and color. Two days later, both color and adhesion looked great. Sher-Cryl brushed well, and dried quickly without the lingering odor of a solvent-based product. I've used Sher-Cryl on other jobs with glossy surfaces and have had a great deal of success."

New EP A Lead Safety Rules Take Effect in April

The Environmental Protection Agency's new national lead regulations go into effect April 22. Stiff penalties – up to $32,500 per violation, per day – may be levied against painting contractors who don't follow the new rules.

To learn how the new regulations affect painters, download a free PDF of the article New EPA Lead Regulations from our Fall 2009 issue at ProfessionalPaintingContractor.com.

Paint Company Leads Way in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Sherwin-Williams Company has pledged to reduce its total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 4 percent as a partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders program. Climate Leaders is an industry-government partnership in which companies volunteer to complete a corporate-wide inventory of their greenhouse gas emissions, set aggressive reduction goals, and annually report their progress to the EPA.

More on the company's EcoVision is at swgreenspecs.com.