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Originally published in STIR®
Check out my before and after metallic space.

The words "faux finish" can conjure up some fairly distressing memories of ghastly sponging, ragging, stenciling and color washing experiments of decades past. Fortunately, those painful memories have faded from our consciousness and we're once again excited about, inspired by and embracing faux finishing, or what we now thoughtfully refer to as "decorative painting."

In fact, I'd been patiently waiting for the introduction of Sherwin-Williams Faux Impressions® to tackle a project on my own, and I'm thrilled to share the before, during and after with you.

SW - ArtPROJNOutOldFauxBd1


I love drama in small spaces, and I had the perfect area in my home to experiment with using the Metallic Impressions line. A tiny hallway that separates my master bedroom from my master bath and closet is a mere three feet by seven feet, and is further encumbered by three doorways and 6-inch baseboard and crown molding.

Sounds more like bad space planning than a functional pass through, doesn't it? However, I knew I could create something special out of it using faux techniques. And I have to say, I'm more than pleased with the results, as was my very surprised husband when he returned home from a weekend trip.

For some reason, I'm addicted to large horizontal stripes and have frequently applied them in larger spaces. Doing so in such a miniscule and fragmented space was a bit daunting, but I forged ahead, nevertheless.


With supplies in hand and an uninterrupted weekend in which to work, I applied the first base color, SW 7503 Sticks and Stones, to the walls, crown molding and ceiling Friday evening. On Saturday morning, I taped and applied the first coat of the stripe color, SW 6990 Caviar. Once dry, I applied the second coat later that same morning. Saturday evening I applied Caviar Metallic SWF 305 with the recommended roller, then added a soft brush stroke to create a subtle texture. On Sunday morning I taped the alternate stripe and applied SWF 308 Sticks and Stones Metallic to the walls, crown molding and ceiling. Later that day, with everything dry, the tape came down.


Wow! I was so excited by and pleased with the results that I could barely contain myself, and immediately began accessorizing to complete the project that evening.

Now, as much as I love the results, the updated space throws into direct contrast my rather sad master bedroom and bath. Someday, maybe, I'll complete all the projects I want to do in my house … oh, who am I kidding? I know that will never happen!

Project details

  • Total project days: three
  • Total project time: 8 hours
  • Total project cost: $120
  • The results: stunning